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The Face Behind Endachs

Hello everyone, my name is Victoria Lee and I am the main face behind Endachs.  The husband plays a part too but, for the most part, he's in it for the puppy snuggles.  From a young age, I've been passionate about dogs, literally my whole world has revolved around animals in general.  The idea of showing, sporting, and breeding dogs has always been of great interest to me.  In 2015 I took part in my first dog show, a small show from a less than reputable kennel club, but that was all it took - I was hooked!  I like to think I am living my dreams every day, getting to own and compete with amazing dogs, and sharing that joy with others in the form of wonderful and promising puppies.  I have a love for canine genetics and animal photography.   


A Love for Dachshunds

I was 15 years old when I got my first Dachshund.  Prior to that I'd had an interest in the breed but thought for sure I wanted a large breed.  However, at 15 I decided I was getting a dog (despite my mom not wanting me to).  I'd saved up money and scoured the newspaper weekly for new puppy ads.  I told my mom that if I found something smaller that I liked first, I'd get it instead of a large breed.  Let me tell you - It was pretty close on me getting a Great Pyrenees instead, but then there it was, an ad for Dachshund puppies.  They were unregistered, nothing fancy and really the kind of thing I'd guide people away from these days but at that point in time I knew no better.  That same day I welcomed Finnegan to the family.  A smooth red dapple, miniature.  

Finn was no show quality dog, not by any stretch, but he had amazing prey drive and a good nose.  The kind of dog who would follow his nose anywhere.  He was a chow hound and whiny when he wanted food or attention.  And he taught me how amazing the Dachshund breed is.  

I hardly know how to describe it, but you just know when you've found your breed(s).  Dachshunds are it for me and specifically Standard Longhairs.  The versatility of Dachshunds... there aren't many breeds out there that can do everything that they can.  They are used all over the world for every type of hunting you can image.  Below ground and above ground.  By land and by water.  They flush game, hold game, track game, retrieve game... From badger to fox to rabbit to boar to deer, the list is extensive.  Lest we not forget their other capabilities, with so many sports and activities out there that the sky is truly the limit.  


Underdogs by nature, ready to overcome any obstacle regardless of their size.  "Courageous to the point of rashness."

A well-bred Dachshund will always take my breath away, any size and any coat.  

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