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Puppy Rearing & Care

Our puppies are raised in home with loads of love and care.  Our whelping box is contained within our weaning area.  Firstly we construct a frame of 2x4s over scrap vinyl flooring to keep any messes contained and preserve the flooring below.  That frame is then lined with xpens.  The area is around 6x8, give or take, and the 4x4 vinyl garden box we use as a whelping box fits comfortably within while still allowing momma space to get away from the puppies when she needs a break.  Our whelping box is lined with homemade pig rails, which keep momma from accidentally crushing any puppies against the sides of the whelping box.  We keep the temp within the whelping box high in those first few weeks, as puppies cannot self-regulate until around about 3 weeks of age.  

We utilize Puppy Culture protocols in most aspects.  Puppies are given Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI).  

As soon as puppies begin defecating on their own they are introduced to an artificial grass potty area just outside their nest area.  You will see in the 5th image above one of our puppies, not even quite 3 weeks old, successfully using the potty area provided.  By starting early, our puppies learn to utilize their potty area rather than elsewhere in their pen and always give them access to a potty area while roaming the house at a young age, to help them stay consistent and avoid accidents.  At 3 weeks they have their first trip outside into a secured, private yard.  Yes, we let our puppies outside.  This continues potty training success by teaching them early that the outdoors is also a great place to potty (and to explore and play).  

The outside also offers a great introduction to new sounds and smells that they can be expected to encounter in life, helping to build familiarity and confidence.  

Puppies work on manding, eye contact, problem-solving, meeting appropriate strangers, reactions to being startled, and so much more.  This all adds together to create puppies who use their minds well and come with pre-shaped confidence to take on the big bad world.  


All puppies go home with a puppy pack that includes food, various information regarding the puppy/their care history/their heritage/photos, as well as great information on insurance, showing/sporting, socializing, and more! 


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