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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do you have any puppies available?

A)  The answer to this is usually no.  I do not breed for quantity or frequency but instead for quality.  All breedings are thoroughly planned out in advance and in most cases, I will have the bulk of any possible puppies not sold but at least have a very good idea on where they will be going when any are made available.  My best suggestion is to check my Current/Expected Litters page (under the All Things Puppy tab) to see what I have coming up.  When in doubt ask.  And when I don't have anything, I am always happy to try and give breeder referrals upon request if you're not looking to wait long.  

Q) What sizes/coats do you breed?

A)  Here in my home, I breed standard Dachshunds generally in the 18-25 pound range, which is my preferred size.  Yes, I do have miniatures but only two males who are beloved family pets (one a retired stud).  At current, I cannot see myself adding a miniature female, but who knows what the future may hold!  My heart is in my standards.  As for coat types, I breed Longhair.  Everything I own is Longhair, everything I produce (for now at least) will be Longhair.  

Q) Do you have this, that, or the other color/pattern?

A)  Unless you're looking for red or maybe black and tan, the answer is likely NO.  Well-bred standard longhair Dachshunds rarely come in much other than red and black/tan.  Dappled standard longhairs are very hard to come by (more common overseas) and standards in other colors/patterns have a lot of miniature bloodlines mixed in (And if they're in the US and NOT from imported lines then I'd almost guarantee are oversized minis).  

Q) How much do your puppies cost?

A)  It varies.  I do not charge a different price for male vs female however pricing from litter to litter will vary depending on the merits of the litter.  In general, expect a range of $2500-3000.  

A)  I get asked this quite a bit, or "what's wrong with the dogs here?"  Depending on bloodlines, there tends to be a difference in type between "European dachshunds" and "American dachshunds".  My personal goals and tastes tend to a dog who is more of a mix of the two, pulling in aspects from both.  And if I had to choose one or the other, I'd opt for a moderate European dog. So, in short: I like European style Dachshunds and I cannot produce what I want to without importing and incorporating them into my lines. 

Q) Why do you import dogs?
Q) Where are you located?

A)  Central Missouri

A)  Our primary activities include conformation, field trials, and earthdog.  We do dabble into other things such as NATC events (duck retrieve, gun steadiness...), rally obedience, lure coursing, weight pull, trick dog/cgc/home manners type activities, and more!  Eventually, the goal is to branch into more sports and aim for versatility titles in our goal of truly having and producing do-it-all dogs!  

Q) What activities do you do with your dogs?
Q) Where did the name Endachs come from?

A)  When I was in the process of trying to settle on a kennel name, I knew I wanted "dachs" in the mix.  Not "dox" as I've never really been a fan of "doxie" (though I actually like "dox" on the end of a kennel name).  I didn't want to use my name and my location wasn't overly inspiring aside from maybe cliche ideas.  I liked the idea of paying homage to Ender, as my first show dog. Hench, Endachs came to be.  And my logo features Rival, as the dog I truly consider my foundation as he was my first standard and really solidified that SL was the way I wanted to go.  

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