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How to Become an Endachs Puppy Owner

Interested in an Endachs puppy?  I don't breed often, always having a goal in mind and with breedings typically planned long in advance.  I do not, at this time, keep a formal waiting list until close to breeding time, and even then do not take deposits until I know I have a puppy for you and you've confirmed you want to reserve said puppy.  It is important to me to place puppies in homes I feel will fulfill that puppy's potential as well as matching up with that the buyer is looking for in a puppy.  Because of this, an available puppy might not always go to the first, second, even third person on the list.  I start at the top and work my way down to the first person listed who best matches those criteria and then allow them to say yes or no to the puppy.  

What kind of homes do we prefer?  My program is angled with a working mindset in place, because of this I do tend to like to see my puppies out doing things.  If they are show quality, I like seeing them shown.  If they have hunting ability, I like seeing them doing field trials or earthdog.  And that's just a baseline.  The sky is really the limit.  That said, not every home is looking to show or do sports with their puppy, some just want a well-bred pet and I can appreciate that as well.  That said, pet homes are always needed and appreciated as well, we just don't want to see our puppies adorning a couch and never doing anything else.   Many of our families are pretty active be it hiking, community outings, boating, you name it.  Ultimately, we want what we feel all good breeders should want: the absolute best possible home for each puppy; and I like to think that that is what we have gotten.  All our owner-puppy pairings thus far have been so wonderful.  Also, it's not pairing a puppy with the right family as our puppy owners become like an extended family.  We want to see what your puppy is up to and to offer any guidance or advice for the life of your puppy and even beyond that.  

Typically our litters are aiming for something so specific that by the time the litter is ready to be announced publicly, most of the puppies are already spoken for.  If I'm looking for a specific sort of home type that I feel I need to have on the list, I'll make a post on our Facebook page saying as much.  And of course, now and then life happens and puppies become available at the last minute.  

The easiest way to know if there is space on a list or not: contact me. Worst I can say is no but if you're serious and willing to put in the wait time... well, there is value in patience and in taking the time to build a relationship.  

Okay so say I've told you there is space for interest in a specific litter and its getting close to litter time, then what?  That is when I will want a puppy application filled out.  This thorough questionnaire helps me get to know you, your home life, what you're looking for and what you expect from a puppy.  It may seem like a lot but its mainly just an aide to me and not meant to be "do or die" like it may be for some others.  More than anything, I want potential buyers to be open and honest.  

Full, Limited, Co-Owns, Oh my!  Puppies that we do not feel are breeding quality will not go with breeding rights.  Puppies who are breeding quality we will try to place in established show/sport homes first and foremost.  I am always open to working with newbies wanting a good foundation dog to get into showing/sporting/breeding, however, I will absolutely refuse anyone whose breeding values do not mesh well with my own.  If I am on the fence, I may offer a puppy on full but on a co-own until the puppy reaches a certain age, to help ensure you fulfill your promises.  

ALL puppies go with legally binding contracts and 30-month health guarantee.  

Potential Buyer Questionnaire

Limited Contract & Health Guarantee 

**Please do not send me forms unless I have specifically asked for them**

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